Watch Streamer Run A 10K In Lord Of The Rings Orc Armor

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As his username might suggest, streamer OrcRun has committed himself to recreating one of the most iconic parts of Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy–its long cross-country running scenes. OrcRun started livestreaming solo runs in full orc armor–modelled after the armor worn by Saruman’s beefed-up Uruk-Hai–last year in an effort to raise money for various charities. Now, the streamer has completed his first 10K race against other people, still proudly wearing his full orc getup.

OrcRun’s Twitter bio describes him as “just a guy who wants to make the world a better place while wearing an orc costume.” He already has a huge number of runs under his belt, each of them raising money for different charities.

OrcRun used the recent 10K race to raise money for The Alex, a Canadian charity providing a number of different avenues of community support. He finished the race in just over 53 minutes, with people both IRL and in the stream’s chat cheering him on the whole way. You can rewatch the whole thing in the Twitch VOD.

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