Witcher's Season 2 Script Preview Promises A Bloody Beginning

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Many of the stories featuring Geralt of Rivia are, at their core, mystery stories with a medieval fantasy twist. The first season of the show operated primarily on a mixed-timelines premise that was confusing at times and definitely didn’t work for everyone, but season 2 seems to be digging into that mystery premise based on a page of the first episode’s script posted by Netflix to Twitter this week.

The story starts with a merchant and his family traveling alone by carriage, finding themselves looking for lodgings in an empty town. The merchant turns his back for a second and then back around to find his wife missing, his daughter covered in blood.

Geralt narrates over it. “You dogged my every footstep. But struck down others I passed on my way. Why?” he begins. “I was meant to end up alone, wasn’t I? So I would finally begin to be afraid?”

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