WWE's Peyton Royce Gives Passionate Promo Demanding Asuka Match

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Peyton Royce is a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and has been branching off the past year as a solo star but hasn’t received much of a chance in terms of being in the title picture. After Monday Night Raw this week, Royce, real name Cassie McIntosh, delivered one hell of a promo in arguing her case of getting a title shot.

“I’m not here to hide my talents,” she said on Raw Talk, Monday night’s post-show. “In fact, my talents are hidden by the opinions of others. Why not let me go? Why not let me go and see what happens? Our Raw Women’s Champion Asuka is out and, yes, that sucks for her, but when a talent goes down, a spot opens up. And that spot is massive. So why not me?”

Royce went on to say how difficult it was to relocate and pack up her life and move to an entirely different country with no real support system to chase this dream of being a professional wrestler, but she found herself stuck in the system.

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