Xbox Cloud Support On Surface Duo Is Essentially A Handheld Xbox/Nintendo DS Hybrid

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Many players have long fantasized about the idea of a portable Xbox (and, say, on-the-go Halo), especially during the era of the PSP and the PlayStation Vita. That dream has now come to fruition–to an extent–with official Xbox Cloud Gaming support rolling out for Microsoft’s Surface Duo phone.

This isn’t just another Xbox Cloud app. Rather, as The Verge reported, Microsoft has released a version specifically built for the two-screen functionality of the Surface Duo that basically turns the device into something similar to a Nintendo DS. With a virtual Xbox gamepad on the bottom screen and the game on the top screen, you’ll be able to hold it like a DS to stream Xbox games.

While Xbox Cloud Gaming supports Bluetooth controllers on any device, players who don’t own an extra controller have to deal with touchscreen controls. On a single-screen device, touch controls naturally obstruct the view of the game you’re playing. As a result, moving those controls down to the second Surface Duo screen has immediate benefits for players who don’t use a separate gamepad. This control scheme works across any of the Xbox Cloud games that currently support touch controls.

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