Xbox FPS Boost: All 90+ Games That Support The Feature On Xbox Series X|S

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Microsoft’s backwards compatibility team created a system called FPS Boost, and it does just that–it increases the frames per second for Xbox games on Xbox Series X and S. In some cases, frame rates can be doubled, which in turn can make games look and run smoother to provide a better experience overall. Not every game Xbox game uses FPS Boost, but plenty do–close to 100 as of September 2021–and we’re rounding them all up here.

Another important thing to know is that, to unlock higher frame rates, some games make a compromise that brings down the resolution to accommodate this. In these cases, which Microsoft says only make up “select” group of titles, FPS Boost is not automatically toggled on for Xbox Series X specifically. However, if you do what to experience higher frame rates at the tradeoff of lower resolution, you can toggle it on manually. Here’s a video explaining how:

There is also a new guide overlay located in the upper right corner when you tap the Xbox button on your controller that lets you know if FPS Boost is enabled or not. An extensive breakdown of FPS Boost and troubleshooting support can be found on Microsoft’s website.

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